ionicLoading problems


I’m having trouble implementing ionicLoading in my app. I just want a simple fade in or slide in when my content is loaded, but really can’t figure out how this would work.

My controller looks like this:

controller('NewsController', ['$scope', '$http', '$state', function($scope, $http, $state){

	$http.get('').success(function(data) {
		$scope.items = data;
		$scope.whichitem = $state.params.aId;
	}, function(err) {
		console.error('ERR', err);

Can you help me in figuring it out?
Thanks! :smile:

you can see it here:

while loading a overlay is shown.

In the code there is a $timeout, that simulates some asynchrone code.

You can replace the $timeout, with you request.

Yes, I saw that, but this gives me a loading screen, not a fade in of the view when it is ready.