$IonicLoading in Datafactory

Hello all together,

I’m pretty new to Ionic, so dont be so hard to me :stuck_out_tongue:
Currenly I’m coding a generic Datafactory for my API calls and I want to show an $ionicLoading-Popup everytime something is loading.

My Factory is created like this:

app.factory('DataService', function( $resource, config, CacheFactory, $ionicLoading, $translate, Interceptors, $rootScope){
  return {
    call : function(_key) {
      var res = $resource(config.APIV2+ _key+'/:id', { id: '@id' },{
        query: {
          method: 'GET',
          isArray: true,
          cache : true,
          interceptor : Interceptors
        get: {
          method: 'GET',
          cache : true,
          interceptor : Interceptors
    // debugger;
    return res;

I aditionally created an Interceptor-Factory to store the interceptors globaly and use them:

app.factory('Interceptors', function($injector, $log, $rootScope) {
    // var p = $injector.get('$ionicLoading');
    // console.log(p);
    var responseInterceptor = {
      request: function(config){
          content: 'Loading',
          animation: 'fade-in',
          showBackdrop: true,
          maxWidth: 200,
          showDelay: 0
        return config;
      response: function(response){
        // $log.info('Reponse interception');
           console.log("The loading indicator is now hidden");
        // $log.info(response);
        return response;

    return responseInterceptor;

In my app.js I injected the Interceptors like this:

app.config(['$httpProvider', function ($httpProvider) {

At the moment the loading Screen is not shown up. If I comment out the hiding in the response interceptor, the loading screen is working fine.

What I’m doing wrong?