$ionicHistory pop history?

Is there a way to pop a view off of the history stack without clearing the entire stack?

I’ve been reading about $ionicHistory, the AngularUI $state, and all of the ways to manipulate the back button, including how to go back multiple views like using goBack(-2).

I want the default behavior of the back button without overriding it.

I have the following flow:

  1. View1 ->

  2. View2 (back button to View1) ->

  3. View3 (back button to View2)

_*View3 uses `$state.go('View2', { ... }) to pass information back to View2_
  1. View2 (back button to View3)
_*This is undesirable.  I want the back button to View1._

_I'd like to use something like: `if ($stateParams.argFromView3) { $ionicHistory.pop(1); ... do stuff with params ... }_

_If View2 were to properly show a back button to View1, then, if clicked, I would want View1 to show a back button back to View2.  In other words, I want to selectively ignore views from registering in history or the ability to `pop()` them myself somehow._

bump Anyone know how to accomplish this?