$ionicHistory cache next view

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There’s is a way to cache the next view? Not just the previous view. For example, when the user open my app, I show a list of popular posts, when the user try to interact with something we ask for login, this login is another view and would be nice if it was already cached and the transition was fast as the transition of backviews (that feels faster)


something like:

.controller('homeCtrl', function($ionicHistory) {
    stateName: 'app.login' // name defined in stateProvider

I will say we’re going in this direction and I’d like to make that possible, but beta14 is overdue so that feature probably won’t make it in yet. But we definitely want to make this a feature, thanks.

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Hi adam,

any news on this?
would be really nice to have such a feature.

best regrads

Hi @adam, any update on this?