Ionic5 row - reduce height

The default height of my ion-row is too much. See screenshot. It only contains an icon. I would like to restrict it to the minimum width possible. How? I tried it with no-margin but didn’t work, still too large. It should not be much higher than the small bar

Below is the code

enter image description here

<ion-grid *ngIf="!drawerIsIdle()" class="ion-no-margin">
    <ion-row class="ion-no-margin">
      <ion-col size='5' class="ion-no-margin"></ion-col>
      <ion-col size='2' class="ion-no-margin">
        <ion-button fill="clear" size="small" (click)="hideDrawer()">
          <ion-icon name="remove-outline"></ion-icon>
      <ion-col size='5' class="ion-no-margin"></ion-col>
  <ion-grid *ngIf="drawerIsIdle()">
      <ion-col size="4" text-center><ion-button color="10-session" fill="clear" size="small">Hi</ion-button></ion-col>