Ionic5 ion-datetime set both min date and time

I have a scenario where a user can select a date and time starting from the moment he opens the date-time picker…

I am using the ion-datetime component as the picker and trying to set the min property of the component to today’s date and current time.

Looking at the examples provided in the documentation, it seems that the selection can only be restricted at date level, I would like to restrict with date and time both.

I tried passing a valid ISO string as mentioned in the docs eg 1997-07-16T19:20+01:00 but it throws an error in the console.


Looking at the source, it seems to me that times are also supported by min/max.

What does the error say? Text, please, not screencaps.

@rapropos … Really appreciate your reply and also taking the efforts to verify that the functionality exists in the source.
Your reply pushed me to try implement the datetime picker in a standalone application and it worked with the time restriction too:

I should have done this earlier, my bad.
If it doesnt work for me, it’s definitely something to do in my code…

Once again, Thank you!