Ionic4 webapp - not hitting breakpoint debugging in chrome

I’m having problems hitting my breakpoints in an ionic v4 webapp when debugging it using Chrome’s developer tools. After I first launch the app by running ‘ionic serve’, I am able to set and hit breakpoints in my code. However, if I modify that code and utilize Live reload to re-compile and reload the Chrome browser, I will no longer break into that code. The changes are reflected in the webapp, and the debugger is showing the new code, so I know that live reload is working. However, my breakpoints set in that code no longer work. I must kill and rerun ‘ionic serve’ to be able to break into the code.

To setup debugging, I have added "sourceMap":true under the compilerOptions in tsconfig.json

Thank you for your help

PS. one work around is to use the debugger statement in javascript. I can update my code, add a debugger statement, and during the execution of that code, chrome will break at that statement.