[Ionic4] - this.content.scrollToTop() is not working

[Ionic4] - this.content.scrollToTop() is not working

Is that a question or affirmation? Could you display some code?
How do you get your content CiewChild?

It should, the method is there https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/blob/d856ecfbbf8118178ff16c67af0d30b3b4e98322/core/src/components/content/content.tsx



So you are @reedrichards here in Ionic forum is it David Dal Busco :slight_smile:

exactly same same :wink:

if it doesn’t work with {read... you could try with ElementRef

 @ViewChild(Content) private content: ElementRef;


Even this does not work, will wait for their next update :slight_smile:


Typings support is something, “doesn’t work” is something else