Ionic4 Print Media Queries / Strategy for Scrollable Content

I have a pretty straightforward problem. I have scroll-able ion-content in my Ionic4 application. I want to be able to print it gracefully by applying @media only print styles. I’m almost there, but I have one major problem. I cannot get the vertical scrollbar to disappear for printing. Additionally, I only ever get one page printed, containing only the content that is in view when I print the page. I’ve scoured the web for solutions, and come across and tried various suggestions in the context of Ionic3 and earlier, but I haven’t found the magic bullet for Ionic4 yet. Has anyone encountered and gotten to the bottom of this yet?

This post has a close relationship with but those strategies didn’t work in ionic4 for reasons I don’t understand.

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Some html to pdf toolbox and then print?

I am experiencing the same exact issue. @vicatcu did you ever figure it out? I looked at the stack overflow and noticed your response. Did you end up trying that solution or did you figure out another way?

Hi @lhoezee no not really, I deferred it until a later time when we will surely revisit the topic. I hope someone on the Ionic Team will here our plight in the meantime, and offer some pathway to success.

Same issue here @vicatcu.

I am facing the same issues too. Was anyone able to solve it?