Ionic4: Multiple Sliders Bug

Hello everyone!

I’m a bit of newbie and in the app, I am working on, I was able to set up all the ionic sliders I need within the app without a problem. The problem arises when the user goes through a certain flow which causes spacing issues. After many hours of troubleshooting, I’m a bit stuck atm. :confused:

Scenario 1:
When a user loads the app, it lands by default on the Create Account Screen. Then they click next, and enter an onboarding flow, which contains 3 slides. At the end of the 3rd slide, they get alerted with a prompt and redirected to the dashboard.

Issue: After going through the onboarding slider, when loading or using any other sliders or tabs on any other pages within the app, they do not load the spacing settings established in the ts file.

Scenario 2:
When a user loads the app, and they click on the Login Button in the Create Account Screen, the user gets directed to the dashboard. If the user goes through this path, all sliders look and behave as intended. No problem here.

Im not sure why when a user goes through Scenario 1, this issue occurs. I’m a bit confused at the moment and any insight or help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Update, I was able to resolve this. The issue was that I had a " Navigation triggered outside Angular zone, did you forget to call ‘’?" error in the console.

This post helped me out.