Ionic4 ,ion-scroll has been removed? Which label to replace it


ionic4,I want to use ion-cotent to replace ion-scroll,But didn’t perform rolling
Code :

<ion-content id=“fixed” scrollX=“true” scrollEvents=“true” scrollY=“false” style=“height:44px;width: 1000px;” >

<div style=“float: left;”>英雄联盟0</div>

<div style=“float: left;”>极品飞车0</div>

<div style=“float: left;”>英雄联盟1</div>

<div style=“float: left;”>极品飞车1</div>

<div style=“float: left;”>英雄联盟2</div>

<div style=“float: left;”>极品飞车2</div>

<div style=“float: left;”>英雄联盟3</div>

<div style=“float: left;”>极品飞车3</div>



You could use div instead of the deprecated ion-scroll, like my example there: