[ionic4] How to change the app logo from within app

Can I change the app logo (which is placed on home page/ login page/ bottom of the menu) from within app by browsing the gallery? If yes then plz help me?


Are you talking about app’s built with Cordova, Capacitor or PWAs?

For apps that are delivered as native apps, Cordova and Capacitor, the app icons can not be changed once the app is built and submitted.

I am talking about ionic based app (ionic uses cordova).

Once an app is compiled, you can not update the app icon without generating a new build. Some Apple apps are able to do this (calendar), but that function is not available to general developers (to my knowledge)

Apparently for iOS there is a plugin. I haven’t tried it though.
You have to include the alternative icon in the bundle, just picking an image from the gallery won’t work.