Ionic3 to Ionic4 Migration - css file

We are migrating our project from ionic3 to ionic4. in Ionic3 we used ionic-app-scripts.js to generate our build distribution. As per my understanding for ionic4 it doesn’t required ionic-app-scripts. When I am creating ionic4 build distribution, I don’t see any main.css file is getting generated. I am not sure whether it’s required or not.
what’s the best way to generate ionic4 distribution which includes all our stylesheet ?
Appreciate your input or any online documentation for this issue.

“Ionic 4” is obsolete, and you don’t really want to be targeting it. Let’s say for the sake of discussion that you’re trying to bring a project from being an “ionic-angular” (v3) project to an “angular” (modern) project.

Right. The work that used to be done by ionic-app-scripts is now delegated to Angular CLI, so you can refer to its documentation for more information.

Is this of concern for you simply because of unfamiliarity, or are you dependent on such a file existing?

Per-component styles go in files referenced by the styleUrls in the @Component decorator of the component. Global styles go in global.scss. Theming variables go in theme/variables.scss.

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Thanks for your input.