Ionic3 / Native Audio / Not working after Google Play Store deployment

I don’t have any problem with this module on dev / internal test phase.
I create a .aab file, I test it with Google Play store internal sharing, everithing is fine.
I deploy THE SAME .aab file in google play store.
I install this version on the same device than the internal test version (I have uninstalled it before ^-^).
I make the same process, and the sound is not played … I have an error : “A reference does not exist for the specified audio id”.
Same code, same device, same process, different result …
Do you have any idea why this is happening ?

For more info, my code :

import {Injectable} from "@angular/core";
import {NativeAudio} from "@ionic-native/native-audio";
import {LoggerService} from "./logger.service";
import {Platform} from "ionic-angular";

 * Liste des sons
export enum SoundEnum {
  ARTICLE_INCONNU = "sound.article.inconnu",
  ARTICLE_EXISTANT = "sound.article.existant",
  ERROR = "sound.error",

const SOUNDS = new Map<SoundEnum, string>([
  [SoundEnum.ARTICLE_INCONNU, 'tidou'],
  [SoundEnum.ARTICLE_EXISTANT, 'beep-02'],
  [SoundEnum.ERROR, 'beep-03']

export class SoundService {

  constructor(private audio: NativeAudio, private logger: LoggerService, platform: Platform) {
      .then(() => SOUNDS.forEach((filename, key) => this.load(key, filename)));

  private async load(key: SoundEnum, filename: string) {
    try {
      await, `assets/sounds/${filename}.mp3`);
    } catch (e) {
      this.logger.error(`Erreur lors du préchargement de ${key}`, e);

   * Jouer un son
   * @param sound
  jouer(sound: SoundEnum) { => this.logger.error(`Erreur lors de la lecture de la piste audio ${sound}`, err));