Ionic3 - LocalNotification onclick function

Hello guys ! I’m trying to learn Ionic to make an app. At the moment I’m stuck with Local Notifications. So what I am trying is when you get a Notification and click on it, you should be redirected to another page. Only nothing is happening so far. I have searched the internet for a solution, yet nothing so far have helped…

I followed the docs for Local Notifications : .
Scheduling a notification is not a problem. Only Onclick.

    id: 1,
    title: msg.title,
    text: msg.body

When I try this, nothing happens. No console Log, nothing…

  this.localNotifications.on('click').subscribe(notification => {
    // Logic here
    console.log("Notification Clicked");

Other thing I tried, but with this one, I get an error :
‘Expected 1 arguments, but got 2.’

 this.localNotifications.on('click',(notification, state)=> {
    // Logic here

So I’m completely clueless, I hope you guys can help me further with this problem :slight_smile: