Ionic3 Http response failure in ios device only

ionic3 app shows http response failure in ios device only, same application works in android and ios emulator

Is this a CORS issue?

App is working fine in android and ios emulator, but whenever trying to run in ios device we got the following error, see the attached screenshot
CORS is implemented in backend, for testing we trying to call same api from an IOS native app and it works fine, Ionic3 app is not working

So please help us, client is waiting for the app but we could not deliver

I’m still thinking around the CORS thing, though of course I could be barking up the wrong tree.

Is there a repo you could share with me? Happy to take a look.

project is not in public git so please give me your email, I can add you to repo or will send you the project

My github name is judgewest2000, or you can private message me here on this board.

Please check this google drive link

I’ve installed your app on my iPhone 6+

It’s come up fine. Managed to attempt a registration with nonsense information and am now at a PAYA ACTIVATION screen.

When is the problem shown?

Perchance have you been attempting to upgrade to the new Ionic Webview?

Have you enabled CORS on the back end?