Ionic3 Firebase Phone Verfication error

Ionic3 Firebase Phone Verfication not working
Please help me

Which plugin you’re using? can you provide a detailed error report?

Alternate solution:

not working on my side
It’s crashed

check out the demo

Cool. Thanks very much
I will check it

btw , this code is working on ios also?

I couldn’t check on iOS if I’ll get an iOS phone I’ll check that too but if you would have any problem with running that on iOS ping me and I’ll help you out with that

what can i help you ?

I have just give start on your github project

Thanks Sajtempler for preparing complete code. But when i am running my code in android app, i am not able to get connected with firebase. Not receiving any verification code.

Please suggest if you can help.

Hey @vicky2009 the full article on this is on the way.

For now make sure your phone prefix matches your country prefix


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Thanks @sajtempler phone prefix is matching with country code. I will wait for full article.

i am not sure what i am missing. i also tried with copying your complete code. Then it is showing an error: home page is not included in module.ts file.