Ionic3 background geolocation real-time in bdd



I am currently on a project where I have to display the real-time position of my users on a map (as does uber). I would like to know if my architecture can support up to 50 users at the same time. And best for the battery / data consumption of the phone.


  • Symfony 3
  • Doctrine
  • Mysql

In the application I use this technique:

Each time the application is updated in the background, the application sends a request to the API that records to the database.

I do not know how to do so that the API can return to me in real time the results in json, it would be necessary to make a continuous call, in order to display them on a map.

Thank you for your help.


You can build apps for millions of users with this stack - and you can build software that crashes with 1.

Background geolocation is never good for battery and data consumption.