Ionic2 virtual scroll on mouse event


in ionic2,
virtual scroll work on “onScroll” event.

but in ionic1,
scroll work on mouse down/up and move event.

so in not mobile environment,
ionic2 virtual scroll not work on mouse down/up and move event.
only work on mousewheel event.

is there any way to work on mouse event(not mousewheel event) in ionic2 virtual scroll?

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So you’re talking more about scrolling general with click-to-drag scrolling, like we had in V1. This is a big difference between V1 and V2, where V2 supports native scrolling. So there is no need to bind to the mouseup/down/move events.

actually, i try to use ionic2 in embeded web browser environment.
in this beowser no fire scroll event.
so i just wanted to know some solution about that.
anyway thanks to your reply

Could you explain what you mean by that?

it is customized browser base on chromium.

Yeah! I would like to know too how to have the click-to-drag scrolling when you deploy the ionic app as a website