Ionic2 Sqlite db file locaiton

I know, that this question has many answers out there in the world of google, but either I’m not so smart, or do something wrong) While developing with ionic v1 I was been able to store by db file and access it from the app. But in Ionic 2 I’he tried many places where the file could be placed and nothing was working.
Here is the code that I use to connect db in my app:

return this._platform.ready().then(() => {
      this._storage = new Storage(SqlStorage, {
        name: 'dbname.db',
        backupFlag: SqlStorage.BACKUP_LOCAL,
        iosDatabaseLocation: 'default',
        existingDatabase: true

but every time I have
code: 5
message: “no such table: user”

Could you, please help me with this. Thank you

Try use:

and put your database in path “www/”