Ionic2 RC rollup AWS SDKs

Since upgrading from the beta to RC1 which uses rollup I can’t get my app working again. I am using aws-sdk-js and amazon-cognito-identity-js. Is anybody else using these AWS SDKs and have them working with the new RC of Ionic2?
Here’s the error I’m getting when I run ‘ionic serve’:

[23:15:52]  bundle dev failed:  Module <blahblahblah>/node_modules/amazon-cognito-identity-js/dist/amazon-cognito-identity.min.js does not export CognitoUserPool (imported by...)

Does anybody have any suggestions or tips? I probably need to do a bunch of reading and learning about rollup and all these fancy javascript bundlers…
I’ve also open an issue over on the amazon-cognito-identity-js project but not sure if that is going to go anywhere: