Ionic2 Loading

Does anyone have a decent example of the loading component working with data. The examples they always show displays the loading box for a few seconds then it goes away. I need it to display while my data is loading and have it disappear afterward.

Thanks !

  getItems() {
    // clean up the string, if empty then exit
    let q = this.searchQuery.trim()
    if (q == '') {

    let loading = Loading.create({
      content: 'Searching, Please Wait...'

    // have a string, do the search
      // process the results..
      (data) => {
        console.log('search results', data.hits)
        this.items = data.hits
      // handle an error condition...
      (err) => alert("Error Searching: " + err),
      // called when completely done processing
      () => {
        console.log("All Good With The Data");

i will give this a try !! Thank You

and what is this_nav?