Ionic2 + Firebase 2 sa ve new user data after creation

Hey everyone, how can i insert a new user when he is creating a profile using his uid as his id in the table node?
Let’s say i have a userProfiles node and every new user needs to be saved there, i can use this.firebaseAuth.createUserWithEmailAndPassword(email, pswrd) to create a new and receive as response his unique id.
Can i insert the new user with his auth uid like
userProfiles{ uid(new user inserted with his uid as id) { data: data } }

Or is there another way to save a new person and know where in the database he is?

Is your goal to have a profile that is larger than the profile provided by firebase.User ? You could create a directory /Users/ in the realtime database, get the user’s id from firebase.User, and then create their “real” profile by pushing information to '/Users/' + id in the realtime database. Remember to keep the structure flat.

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yes, i need a larger profile :frowning: but now i’ve understood. Thank you.