Ionic2 components are compatible with Angular2 Router?

If i have configured a project like this:

and want to use the ionic components (specially ion-menu/ion-nav), there is some way to make those work together?

I thinking on some cenario where i want a webapp, but when accessed by some ionic compatible device(ios/android/wp) it has the adaptive look for those.
I have followed the steps at this link and got working the angular-cli with ionic (template) to achieve the adaptive theme/layout, but can’t figure out if is possible to not use the ionic router and use the angular one.

Digging more, have discovered that ion-nav don’t support angular 2 router. So if the app doesn’t use this component it works out.

The only problem is with importing other modules that has IonicModule, it gives “Error: BrowserModule has already been loaded. If you need access to common directives such as NgIf and NgFor from a lazy loaded module, import CommonModule instead”.
Have opened an issue about that: