Ionic2-calendar, customize styles?


Using the ionic2-calendar directive how to customize event colors on the calendar? Is there any way to do that? Also how to use my own event-list template instead of native one?


Check out the documentation here: Ionic2-calendar, customize styles?

Here’s an example of a custom template for the monthViewEventDetail:

<calendar [monthviewEventDetailTemplate]=“template”

<template #template let-showEventDetail="showEventDetail"

<h4 class="selectedEventDate">{{ | friendlydate}}</h4>
<h5 class="noEvents" *ngIf=" == 0">No Events</h5>
  <ion-item (click)="onEventSelected(event)" *ngFor="let event of">
    <p>Start: {{event.startTime | friendlydatetime}}</p>
    <p>end: {{event.endTime | friendlydatetime}}</p>




oh i have asked this question long time ago


Incase someone is going through the same issue. It might be useful that’s all


but you just posted a screenshot, how can it be helpful?