Ionic2 and automapper-ts


I have been trying to use automapper-ts with ionic2 rc0 but having issues importing it from node_modules.

I tried the solutions from here but still no luck. when I run the typings install automapper-ts (not sure whether this is the correct command) i get error as shown below.

I used the same one in an Angular2 project, it was fine because in the index.html, i could just reference the file in a script tag. But for ionic2 i having this issue.

Help is much appreciated. Thank You.

typings WARN hastypings Typings for "automapper-ts" already exist in "node_modules/automapper-ts/dist/automapper". You should let TypeScript resolve the packaged typings and uninstall the copy installed by Typings
typings ERR! message Unable to find "automapper-ts" ("npm") in the registry.
typings ERR! message We could use your help adding these typings to the registry:
typings ERR! caused by responded with 404, expected it to equal 200
typings ERR!


Did you manage resolve this issue with ionic 3?

I am trying to implement a mapper lib in my ionic app. I found automapper-ts and it seems it has all the features I am after.

I still don’t know how can I get it working with Ionic 3 along with ionic’s new bundling system (ionic-app-scripts).
Also please suggest any another mapper libraries which your currently use if this didn’t work out for you.