IONIC - WKWebview CORS issues

In order to solve statusbar issues in IOS 11, IONIC team has become the WKWebview as default in the recent release. Since then, I am having CORS issues… I have tried many ways to sort this out, but none of them has had any effect. Although the Native HTTP plugin seems to solve CORS issues, it does not work with the XML content type. I also attempted to use the following plugin:

But I am still getting the following error:


public sendRequest(sufix, json) {           

    let headers = new Headers({ 
        'Content-Type': 'application/xml', 
        'livefacilities-apptoken': APPTOKEN
    let options = new RequestOptions({ 'headers': headers });
    let xml = this.jsonToXml(json);
    return, xml, options)


Can anyone help me, please?