Ionic with payment gateway integration


I need integrate payment gateway in Ionic 2 Apps.

I refer this [].

But I have no idea.

How to integrate razorpay and how to use.

Kindly advice me,


That is a question that you should probably ask the Razorpay people.

Do they have a Cordova plugin?
Do they have a JS library that works with Angular2+?

Few months back i made one demo of razorpay integration with website, what i remember , you need to use a link,
, it will take u to the razor pay payment page , after completion it will return the transaction was succesfull or not , and according to that u can proceed further in your app/website.
Go ro their docs and example , if ionic/cordova specific solution is not there you can integrate that web based solution

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See here complete guide to integrate razorpay with ionic 3