Ionic window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL not working for jpgs

I’m using the gallery to access images to upload. I’m having no trouble when I am uploading the image uri directly, but when I need to use fileEntry (for multi-part uploads) jpgs are not returning a fileEntry from their uri. Note: i’m using async:await, but I have the same issue with standard promises

For example the following is the code I’m using to get the image uri

var imageUri = await this.takePicture(Object.assign(this.defaultOptions,{}));
let newFile = new File([imageUri], "filename");

The following is the code for takePicture() that returns the imageUri

  return await;
  ...handle error

This code above successfully uploads both png and jpg files.

This code below fails to retrieve a fileEntry for only jpg files.

   * Returns a file entry for the image uri provided
   * @param imgUri image Uri to get file entry for
  private async getFileFromImageUri(imgUri){ 
      var fileEntry = await this.resolveFileAsPromise(imgUri);
      // fileEntry = await this.createNewFileEntry(imgUri);
      this.presentToast('Error while selecting image.');  //TODO: images that are .jpg seem to have trouble being resolved to a file.
    return fileEntry;      

resolveFileAsPromise(ImgUri); is a promise wrapper for window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(imgUri, resolve, reject); It returns the following error

FileError {code: 5} for jpgs only.

Has anyone encountered this issue? I am testing on a live android device (not an emulator).

I feel that the above demonstrates that the image uri is not the problem since it works to upload images when I don’t need to get to the fileEntry. But, when I do, it works for only a particular filetype pngs.