Ionic VueJS Course

Ionic VueJS Vuex Course - Available Now

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  • The course is available on Udemy and there are a few more discounted versions on Gumroad.
  • The Udemy Version Has Automatic Captions
  • There are preview chapters/lectures available
  • There are also some preview chapters available on YouTube


Getting Started

0.1 Read Me

Creating Authentication Flow with Vuex and Firebase

1.1 Create Application And Vuex Store With Firebase Authentication

1.2 Integrate Authentication into App Using Vuex Store

1.3 Create Custom Components for UserInfo and To Login A User

Taking Pictures With Capacitor Camera Plugin

2.1 Adding Capacitor Camera Plugin

2.2 Take Photo And Render In Preview Modal

2.3 New Modal Component Showing Image And Emitting Events

2.4 Get Modal Input For Uploading With Image

Adding Data to Firestore Collection and Cloud Storage Using Vuex

3.1 Setting Up The Vuex Store For Saving Image Posts

3.2 Saving Image Post Data to the Firebase Collection

3.3 Saving Images to Firebase Cloud Storage

3.4 Testing Integration Of Image Posts & Images Into Store

Updated User Interface To Show Image Posts

4.1 Refactor Vuex Store, Add Support For User Posts

4.2 Rendering The ImagePosts in the Home Component

Working Routes and Protected Routes

5.1 Create Login Page

5.2 Create Sign Up Page

Remaining Lessons To Be Completed

Working Routes and Protected Routes
5.3 Update Router To Support New Routes & Private Routes

Creating User Profile Page
6.1 Adding Tabs To Interface
6.2 Create View Mode of Profile Page
6.3 Create Edit Mode of Profile Page
6.4 Add Profile Photo Functionality To Profile Page

Final Capacitor Build Confirmation
7.1 IOS
7.2 Android