Ionic Vue PopoverController/ModalController with custom events

Hello there,

I am trying use the PopoverController in Ionic 6 with Vue 3 (Composition API). Now, as I can not just add an @custom-event to my popover, I do not know, how to respond to custom events from my popover inside the parent component. Of course you could pass callbacks as props, but thats pretty much an anti-pattern in vue.
Any ideas on how to pass custom events from the popover created by the popover controller to the parent?

How about some code showing what you have tried so far?

Well, the usual way would be something like
<ion-popover trigger="popover-trigger" @my-event="myFunc()">
but there is no direct <ion-popover> element with the controller. So with the controller the programmatic way with vue in my understanding would be something like

const openPopover = async () => {
      const popover = await popoverController
          component: PopComponent,
          cssClass: 'some-class',
          componentProps: {
        **popover.on("my-event", () => console.log("Event received"));**
        return popover.present();

But the popover element does not have an “on” method. Also tried popover.addEventListener("my-event", () => console.log("Event received")), but both times, even though the emit was called inside the popover, no reaction inside the parent.

there is a great little utility I have used in the past

I have an ion-radio-group within the popover component and this works for me.

const popover = await popoverController.create({
    component: ListingSort,
    event: event,
    componentProps: { selected: params.value.sort },
}) as any

await popover.present()

popover.el.querySelector('ion-radio-group').addEventListener('click', (event: any) => {