Ionic value between two pages

i am really new to ionic.what i am trying to do now is recover a value i passed from a page to another through the adress
i want to retrieve the last part which is the id of an article then use it to make a request to an api.
thank you

Hi @redamed92,

You can use the below mentioned code.

    $scope.$on('$ionicView.enter', function (event, data) {
      if(data.stateName == 'app.goalEdit') {
         $scope.Lastid = data.stateParams.coll_id

This is my rounting for the example.

    .state('app.goalEdit', {
            url: '/goalEdit/:coll_id',
            views: {
              'menuContent': {
                templateUrl: 'app/components/goal/goalEdit.view.html',
                controller: 'GoalController as goal'

Here data.stateParams.coll_id is the code which ca get you the id from the URL to you in edit goal controller.

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i added your code.i understood that it will test the state name.then affect the id .the thing is i belive it will go into the 2nd page to pass to the page.just want to print.thank you for the time.after 3days of ionic training.i think it go like this $scope.go("pagename,id);

For passing value to another page you can use below mentioned code.

$scope.state.transitionTo('app.goalEdit', {coll_id: $scope.Lastid});

To use this code you need to inject $state dependency in your controller.

sorry for the delay.actually i moved on from that problem.just used $stateparams to get the id to test on it.
thanks again


Glad to know my provided solution worked for you.

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