Ionic V4, scrollY and ion-grid

Hey folks,

I have a page where ion-content itself shouldn’t be scrollable, but the ion-col on the grid should be scrollable - but only one.

It looks basically like this:

<ion-content class="fullscreen" scrollY="false">
	<ion-grid class="fullscreen" no-padding>		
			<ion-col size="6" no-padding style="position: sticky; background-image: url(/assets/images/some-image.jpg); background-size: cover; background-position: 75% center; border-right:1px solid #bdbdbd;">				

			<ion-col size="6" no-padding>
				<div style="padding: 10% 8% 0% 8%; overflow-y: scroll !important;">
				Here comes the scrolling col content....

Where by the css look like this…

.fullscreen {	
	ion-grid.fullscreen {
		min-height: 100%;
		display: flex;
		flex-direction: column;
		ion-row {
			flex: 1;

How can I force the single col to be scrollable. Since I’m using Ionic V4 - there is no ion-scroll component anymore :frowning: