Ionic v4 - Capacitor Plugin "Motion" not working on iOs 13 anymore

Hello everyone!

I am using Ionic v4 with Capacitor for a kind of “Tracking App”. So I have implemented a function where the map is rotating with the heading of the users. Therefore I use the Capacitor plugin “Motion”.

Since updating to iOs 13 the Motion plugin couldn’t be found anymore - here the error log from Xcode:
To Native -> Motion requestPermissions 60697268
:zap: Unable to load plugin Motion. No such module found.
:zap: Error loading plugin Motion for call. Check that the pluginId is correct
:zap: [log] - {"__zone_symbol__state":null,"__zone_symbol__value":[]}

And here the code, too:

this.motionListener = await Motion.addListener(
   values => {

On Android there is no problem - the plugin and the rotation of the map are working fine.

Thanks for your replies in advance!