[Ionic v4] Angular form control status classes(ng-*** != ion-***)


We are deveolping a new app using Ionic/angular 4.x and we are finding several problems related to form validation.

Ionic v4 components are supposed to implement the same behaviour as a vanilla HTML form input field in an angular app. It looks like ionic components try to apply an equivalent ion-*** class for each ng-*** class that angular applies to form elements.

We have verified that in most cases ionic component ion-*** classes are updated correctly at the same time as ng-*** classes when a form value changes. But if you use the angular forms “markAs***” functions to update the status of a form control, ion-*** classes are not updated.

We make heavy use of angular forms in our app and we are finding quite difficult to manage form control styling without using hacky workarrounds.

Is there anyone else experiencing these kind of problems?