Ionic v3 Scroll issue after update iOS 12.2


Hey everyone,

I pushed out a new nightly that resolved a few issues people had been mentioning. Regarding, we will take a look at that one next.



Our team is still having scrolling issues even after the nightly.


Hi everyone,

This issue has been resolved and is available in Ionic 3.9.5.

You can upgrade using npm i ionic-angular@latest.

Thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue! If you encounter any more iOS 12.2 issues, please open a new issue.


I have also facing above issue and finally after 4 days i will fixed,put below css in the app.scss and let me know sir issue fixed or not:

ion-app.platform-ios12 ion-content { pointer-events: auto; /*fix scroll lock on ios12.2*/ }