Ionic V3 Capacitor V2 styles are not working with Android SDK30

Hi everyone!

The problem is the following: I have to increase the Android SDK from 29 to 30. After doing the changes (compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion), my app takes too long for starting, and when starts, I can’t see any text. If in my .ts file I have for example:

varrr: string = “sdsd”

and in my Html


I can’t see anything.

In the same way, I run my app with SDK 29 and use the App Compatibility Changes functionality, I enable all the options and the same happen: I can’t see any text.

Can someone knows what is happening here ? I’m using Capacitor v2 and Ionic V3. Thank you so much !

EDIT: when I set the option “NATIVE_HEAP_POINTER_TAGGING” the problem occurs

how does your capacitor.config.json looks like? (you can skip appId and appName)