Ionic v3 apk production build issue

Currently im using ionic 3.

While building apk for production i am getting the error

F:\Running code\sankalp\vioDev21thfeb-2>ionic cordova build android --prod

ionic-app-scripts.cmd build --prod --target cordova --platform android
[00:32:34] ionic-app-scripts 3.2.4
[00:32:34] build prod started …
[00:32:34] clean started …
[00:32:34] clean finished in 64 ms
[00:32:34] copy started …
[00:32:35] deeplinks started …
[00:32:35] deeplinks finished in 850 ms
[00:32:35] ngc started …
[00:32:48] typescript error
Error during template compile of ‘IonicSwipeAllModule’ Function calls are not supported in decorators in
‘NgModule’ ‘NgModule’ calls a function at @angular\core\core.ts(194,31).

[00:32:48] ionic-app-script task: “build”
[00:32:48] Error: The Angular AoT build failed. See the issues above
Error: The Angular AoT build failed. See the issues above
at F:\Running code\sankalp\vioDev21thfeb-2\node_modules@ionic\app-scripts\dist\aot\aot-compiler.js:237:55
at step (F:\Running code\sankalp\vioDev21thfeb-2\node_modules@ionic\app-scripts\dist\aot\aot-compiler.js:32:23)
at (F:\Running code\sankalp\vioDev21thfeb-2\node_modules@ionic\app-scripts\dist\aot\aot-compiler.js:13:53)
at fulfilled (F:\Running code\sankalp\vioDev21thfeb-2\node_modules@ionic\app-scripts\dist\aot\aot-compiler.js:4:58)
[ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess ionic-app-scripts.

    ionic-app-scripts.cmd build --prod --target cordova --platform android exited with exit code 1.

    Re-running this command with the --verbose flag may provide more information.

could someone pls help me out from this.

Thanks in advance.