Ionic v2.0.0-beta.32 background image

Hey Guys,

Im very new here, i have managed to install Ionic v2.0.0-beta.32

I would like to add a background image to the home page that comes with the blank installation.

I havent been able to find any info on how to do it with this version.

A helping hand would be fantastic to get me on my way

Thank you :slight_smile:

You may make a background image like this:

<ion-col offset-33 width-33 class="logo"><h1>Logo</h1></ion-col>

.logo { background: url("/images/background_img.jpg") repeat scroll 0 0 / 100% 100%; }

May be this works!!! I am also new to Ionic-2.:slight_smile:


I dont seem to have that tag, all i have is the following

      Ionic Blank

<ion-content padding>
  The world is your oyster.
    If you get lost, the <a href="">docs</a> will be your guide.

I know that…I just gave you a example and try to implement it ok.

Let me know if it works or not?