Ionic v1 tabs and side menu on only 1 page

Hello, I started using ionic v1 to build a simple hybrid app. I’m using now the template generated by Ionic Creator - I have the ion-side-menus defined in index.html, and a tabs.html file where there’s 3 tabs defined (not sure how Ionic knows to load that view first, but that’s a different problem). This works since the tabs state is defined as abstract and all the pages except the login screen extend that state.

The problem is - I’d like to thave that side menu on only 1 screen, not all of them. When it’s on all of them, and there’s other swipe-able content there, instead of swipe taking place on that (like google maps), I just swipe the whole page to the side and show the side menu.

Could you please advise how can I achieve this? Somehow attach the side menu to just one screen? Or have it everywhere and disable it on all but the one I want it in?