Ionic V1 local develpment with wordpress local env

I have a development set up question.

So I have a Ionic app that I can run locally by simply running: ionic serve

Then in the config for the app I point it at (which is a wordpress set up). It hits the site when I attempt to login (set up breakpoint in the custom endpoint plugin that is set up in the constructor) but does not hit the function that is the callback for the login.

I console logged which URL $http.get(url).then method is requesting and went to that login in the url and the expected behavior occurred.

I’m mainly just looking for an answer as to if this is possible and if there are any tricks to get this to work.

Does your app successfully request that URL? Look at the Console and Network tab of your browser’s dev tools to see if the request actually goes there and if not what errors you get.

Yea I get a specific error that is related to wordpress not being able to identify the user, returning a user id of 0. Sorta seems like the rest_api hook is behaving differently on my local as compared to how it behaves on a real server.

Sounds strange… I would compare the both requests, successfull and unsuccessful line by line and see where the differences are.