Ionic-v1 [ I want to choose only 1 checkbox]

<ion-checkbox ng-model="choice1"><b>I have extra points (+10)</ion-checkbox>
  <ion-checkbox ng-model="choice2"><b>I do not have any extra points.</ion-checkbox>

Here’s my codes. I want to choose only one checkbox in my app. How can I do that? (I’m new)

or use a radio group:

or you could use a custom validator:

It could be something like that, I hope it helps you.

<ion-checkbox ng-repeat="item in listCheckbox"
           ng-model="checkItems[item.text]" ng-change="itemShow(,item.text)">
           {{ item.text }}


$scope.listCheckbox = [
    {id:1,text: 'I have extra points (+10)'},
    {id:2,text: 'I do not have any extra points.'},
$scope.checkItems = { };

$scope.itemShow = function(item,text){

Use ng-repeat, to add several checkboxes and get your position of each one.
You only need to know when the checkbox is disabled

@Dann01 thank you but when I used these codes my checkboxes don’t seem in my app