Ionic V1: Goole Maps shows grey screen [SOLVED]


Hello there! I just implemented native mobile Google Maps API resource. My app reaches read state ultil console log.

console.log('map ready');

But i’m getting a weird grey screen. The Google logo is shown in the screen, except the entire map.
I’m loading the map in the third application ion tab.

See my MapController code:

.controller('MapController', ['$scope', '$ionicPlatform', '$cordovaGeolocation', function($scope, $ionicPlatform, $cordovaGeolocation) {
  document.addEventListener('deviceready', function() {

    // Define a div tag with id="map"
    var div = document.getElementById("map");

    // Initialize the map view
    map =;

    // Wait until the map is ready status.
    map.on(, function(map) {

      console.log('map ready');

My mapa.html code

<style type="text/css">
.scroll {
    height: 100%;
#map {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

ion-app._gmaps_cdv_ .nav-decor {
    background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);

ion-tab:not(.show-tab) ion-content {
	display: none;


	  	<div id="map" data-tap-disabled="true"></div>

Please see a screen in the link below
Mobile App link

Doest anybody know to solve this?

Thanks in advance!


Did you remote debug the problem on the device already?
Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Safari dev tools:
Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Chrome dev tools:
Look at the console and network tabs for errors.


Sure i inspected and I can see:

Main._createAppUI: 59.7ms
inspector.js:8510 Main._showAppUI: 70.5ms
inspector.js:8511 Main._initializeTarget: 29.6ms

Saying that map was initialized, but not rendering in my phone :frowning:


What platform are you testing?
Emulator or real device?
Did it work before?

Did it request the map tiles from the Google Maps servers?


Moto G4, real platform. It’s my first time trying. It’s loading the

<div class="scroll">

from Google. So i’m pretty sure that it’s being loaded.


Well, i don’t know exaclty how, but it seem that i had a Google API Key issue. Those steps that i did in this post works as well. That i remember, i just removed the Android key restriction from Google API console. Now it works fine.