Ionic v1 app publishing - Should I consider licenses being used in application?

I am using

AngularJS, Ionic v1, Ionicons, ngCordova, Cordova plugins, PhoneGap plugins

in my application where most of the packages are distributed under open source licenses like MIT, Apache 2.0, etc.

And we are going to publish it in Play store and App store for commercializing the application. So What I must do in order to protect ourselves from License related issues.

Say for example:
Keeping each packages licenses in the source code repository
Links to plugins official site in About section of application

Please provide/share necessary information who have faced the similar situation.

*Consider IANAL and does not want to consult one.

Thanks in advance.

Well, the only real answer anyone can give you on that:
You should consult a laywer.

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At least anyone with experience can share as if at what kind of scenario I should consult a lawyer.

Eg like: it’s just sufficient to have all the licenses in my source code for MIT licensed packages.

So just share your knowledge guys! if anything comes apart from that due to complexity, we can surely consult a lawyer.

*Do you think it is a good idea to read whole bunch of EULA, before even installing the any app? or Should I consult a lawyer even for that.


Most of the time the licences of the libraries require you to leave them in the source code and maybe also list the projects and licences in the app somewhere.

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Nice. Thanks for replying again.

For now, I will keep every licenses that come with the software packages I use, in Source code. Need to credit the Open source contributors somewhere in my app.

Lets see if there is anything else that we need to do.

I found these links helpful: