[IONIC] User Profile Details :)

Hello Everyone iā€™m new with ionic and I just want a little help from you :smiley: I just want to display the details of the logged in user account in my user profile page in my app do you have an idea on how to do that? in the controller? or services? or in my app.js? (im using JSON file) thank you :slight_smile:


In my opinion the best way to do this is for you to have you authentication service either return a full user object or an id. Then store this in shared data. You could do something like this https://thinkster.io/egghead/sharing-data-between-controllers/

When you load up your profile page you bind to the object that was returned or you create an ajax request and retrieve the user object and then bind to that


Thanks for the Idea Dale :smiley: ā€¦ currently this is my problem in my app that I created ā€¦

Need help with this too! How does one present this info gathered by Auth and Firebase?