Ionic User: Error: CORS request rejected

Hello all,

am facing big time error of my life and i don’t known what to do, when ever i try to save user to my ionic user service using the following code;
                 var user = Ionic.User.current();
                        user.set('name', username);

then i get this error OPTIONS t @ @ function) @ @ @ @ @ function) @ controllers.js:25processQueue @ ionic.bundle.js:27879(anonymous function) @ ionic.bundle.js:27895Scope.$eval @ ionic.bundle.js:29158Scope.$digest @ ionic.bundle.js:28969(anonymous function) @ ionic.bundle.js:29197completeOutstandingRequest @ ionic.bundle.js:18706(anonymous function) @ ionic.bundle.js:18978
:8100/#/tab/home:1 XMLHttpRequest cannot load Response for preflight has invalid HTTP status code 404 Ionic User: Error: CORS request rejected:…)

and another quick question is why is the url is null

I have the same issue, did you find solution?

nope, i never found the solution