Ionic upload and ionic package

Do I need to call ionic upload in order to upload my latest changes before calling ionic package build?

It seems like ionic package build uploads the latest files anyway and ionic upload is redundant in this context, but Iā€™d like to make sure.

What exactly does ionic package build output for you?

āˆš Uploading snapshot - done!
[OK] Uploaded snapshot --!
āˆš Requesting project upload - done!
āˆš Uploading project - done!

āˆš Queuing build - done!
[OK] Build ā€“ has been submitted!

That looks like it also did an upload to me, yeah.

You might want to check -> App -> Deploy if it created an entry.
Then run both commands and check if it created two entries.

Both commands create an entry in Deploy as you suggested.

ionic upload - No Note: upload
ionic package build - Ionic Package Upload: upload

Is it supposed to be like that?

And, does this mean ionic upload is redundant in this context?


Exactly. Experiment successful.

Good thing I asked, this cut my deployment time in half. Thanks :slight_smile:

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