Ionic TSLint bail_on_lint_error not working

Hey there,

I have an ionic project where I want to make sure the code stops compiling when there are any lint errors.
I have tried to use the ionic_bail_on_lint_error in package.json like so:

"config": {
  "ionic_bail_on_lint_error": true

but the code still compiles afterwards. I also tried using the --bailOnLintError argument in ionic serve / npm run ionic:serve, with no result.

I know it can be solved by changing the original webpack.config.js file, but that doesn’t look to me as a proper option when Ionic updates/overrides it.

How can this be done? Thanks in advance.

I’m also trying to fail when there are lint errors. Have you had any luck getting this to work?
I am able to get this to work with the lint command by adding the flag in the scripts

"lint": "ionic-app-scripts lint --bailOnLintError true --verbose",

Unfortunately this is not applied when running ionic serve, which is where I need it to work. I also tried adding the flag to node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/package.json but no luck there either (this is also not a good solution since this will be overwritten with updates).