Ionic text align in list

I have following template where i am trying it align a link to the li
        <ion-card-header><ion-icon name="ios-calendar-outline" style="color:#488AFF">&nbsp;</ion-icon>&nbsp;Meeting: {{data.account}} ({{data.time}})</ion-card-header>
        <p>Agenda: {{data.msg}}</p>
        <li *ngFor="let attendee of data.attendesList">
            <button ion-button *ngIf="attendee.confirmed == false" clear small icon-left (click)="openAttendeeMenu()" style="color:red">(not confirmed&nbsp;<ion-icon name="close-circle" color="danger">)</ion-icon></button>

the resultant output shows with a button containing icon as i am expecting. however the the button/icon part render away and bit below the the text. i tried icon-top etc. but no use. please advise


any help on this one plz?


Please show a screenshot of the problem. I don’t understand your description.