Ionic tabs view

In my ionic project, i use ionic swipe tab,with three page. When i open the page the first page become visible in page. i want the second page as selected when i open the page.

<super-tabs style=“height: 80%” [config]="{ sideMenu: ‘left’ }" [toolbarColor]="‘primary’">
<super-tab [root]=“page1” [title]=“showTitles? ‘First page’ : ‘’” [icon]=“showIcons? ‘home’: ‘’”>
<super-tab [root]=“page2” [title]=“showTitles? ‘Second page’ : ‘’” [icon]=“showIcons? ‘pin’ : ‘’”>
<super-tab [root]=“page3” [title]=“showTitles? ‘Third page’ : ‘’” [icon]=“showIcons? ‘heart’ : ‘’”>


I’ve never used these “super-tabs”, but ordinary ones have a selectedIndex property.

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